NSSA is proud to implement the VERTIMAXTM training system into its Speed Program. The VERTIMAXTM is simply the most advance all-sport lower body training system in the world, currently used by hundreds of collegiate, NFL, NBA, MLS and MLB teams. Exercise physiologists now agree the best way to increase speed and acceleration is through a new and separate type of training call Low-Load, Velocity-Specific Training, and the VERTIMAXTM is the most effective Low Load High Speed Training System ever designed.

The VERTIMAXTM enables our NSSA athletes to perform sports specific training motions such as, jumping, lunges, foot drills, blocking, catching, passing, throwing, kicking and spiking. The training is performed under constant and balanced exercise resistance. NSSA athletes are consistently improving their vertical jump and first step quickness. Our athletes truly look forward to every time they step onto the VERTIMAXTM training system.