Athlete Spotlight

Max McDowell

At NSSA we emphasize to baseball players the importance of separating yourself from the competition through year round speed and strength training. You can take all the hitting, pitching and fielding lessons you want, but all things being equal the faster and stronger player with the same skills will come out on top. Read below a letter from one of our longtime clients, Milwaukee Brewers draft pick, Max McDowell.

NSSA sports performance training has first and foremost made me faster, stronger, and more explosive. Most importantly it has developed me into a better ATHLETE. The better athlete I am the better ball player I am. The more aware I am with how my body works, the better prepared I am to be coachable and make physical adjustments. If I can make adjustments quicker than my competition, then I will outperform them. If I am physically stronger, faster, and more explosive than my competition then I gain the advantage. Pushing myself physically has given me an edge against my competition and enabled me to succeed.

Aside from the physical benefits, NSSA sports performance training has taught me lifetime lessons in mental toughness and discipline. Learning to push my body to new limits was only capable once I learned to break through the mental barriers holding me back: “I can’t run any further”, ”I can’t do another rep”, ”I don’t need to workout today”. Mentally being able to push myself harder has let me push past physical walls of exhaustion. Lessons of hard work that I will be able to apply the rest of my life.