Speed Training Program

"Speed is a skill that must be developed, practiced and maintained"

The old school of thought was that you are either born with speed or you are not. At NSSA, we know that each of us is born with a speed potential. Our athletes learn to reach that potential through proper training. The NSSA Speed Program provides a wide variety of training modalities such as dynamic warm up, running technique education, dot drills, VERTIMAX®, Plyometrics, Speed Ladder, Viper® cords, reaction training and much more.

At NSSA, we teach “Athletic Speed.” This means the ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, jump, and have first step explosion that is faster than your opponent. NSSA Sports Performance trainers also combine core strength and stability exercises that are vital to reach maximum athletic potential, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

As with all of our programs, the NSSA Speed program creates a consistent training and work ethic that will be used throughout the athlete’s career. Whether you are an elite athlete, seeking physical fitness, or are trying break into the starting line-up, the NSSA Speed Program will help you maximize your potential and reach your personal goals. NSSA Athletes maintain 2-3 speed sessions per week off-season and 1 session per week in-season.