NSSA has helped Tony stay focused, has encouraged him to be the best he can be with all the tools, knowledge, staff & facility necessary to do so.

Parents of Tony P. May 2014

They have pushed him to his full potential in his training and have been huge contributors to his success on the football field. In my opinion, NSSA is a quality program that will have a positive impact on any athlete that has the desire to take the extra step to be better than his opponent.

Parents of Trey B. | May 2014

We would like to thank Brad Sigut and all the NSSA associates for all of their effort and time in helping Italia improve.

Parents of Italia B. February 2014

Brad and his staff push their students to reach their maximum potential. They are knowledgeable, honest and truly care about the athletes. I have, and will, recommend them to another parent. They are the best!

Parents of Nate S. | February 2014

Brad is a great trainer and JJ has been improving a lot. His 60 time has decreased .9 seconds in the matter of 5 months which is incredible. NSSA is an unbelievable program that improves everyone in every aspect of their life.

Parents of JJ M. October 2012

Connor’s greatest strengths have always been his discipline and drive. At NSSA, his trainers have capitalized on those strengths, pushing him to achieve even greater success. We could never begin to thank Brad and his staff enough for the time and effort they have provided to Connor, resulting in a stronger, faster hockey player and more confident young man. We have complete faith in Brad and his staff that they will continue to give Connor the training and drive he needs to achieve his athletic goals.

Parents of Connor M. | March 2013

Paul's journey of weight loss has been "AMAZING"... statistics show that only 3 to 4% of kids his age could ever succeed at what Paul did....and it did not happen overnight.... NSSA dotted the i's and crossed the t's. Paul's encouragement from all the trainers makes him want to never miss a session. NSSA is the reinforcement to do your best and never give up. NSSA was an Olympic Gold for Paul, even if his Gold is not for a sport.

Parents of Paul K.August 2012

The NSSA trainers are exceptional at motivating the athletes. As a result, Jake looks forward to the challenging and diverse training sessions and is learning that hard work pays off. We have seen direct results on the soccer field as Jake is competing at a higher level and his confidence has grown tremendously. We are very pleased with the NSSA program knowing that Coach Sigut and his talented staff are helping Jake reach his soccer goals one session at a time. The confidence and work ethic that Jake is developing will carry onto the field and even more importantly, off the field as well.

Parents of Jake H. | August 2012

Carter has been pleased with the training he gets at NSSA. He feels that his speed and athletic ability have definitely increased because of NSSA. The trainers are excellent people who know what they are doing and I fully trust them to make my son a better athlete.

Parents of Carter H.April 2012

In the time Frannie has been involved with the program, from our view, NSSA trainers are dedicated to the overall improvement, both physically and mentally, of all the athletes they train - providing challenges and being demanding with positive encouragement is a recipe for success at any age.

Parents of Frannie C. | April 2012

NSSA training motivates Hanna to continue her training in her spare time, and it has definitely improved her aggressiveness and confidence on the volleyball court.

Parents of Hanna E.January 2012

Hannah has definitely improved while participating in the NSSA program. Her consistent efforts with strength and conditioning improved her vertical jump and broad jump to more than we thought she could achieve. The trainers are always sure she receives a good work out and much more.

Parents of Hanna H. | January 2012